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Get your Five-a-Day

OK, I know that Twitter isn’t Cool for Kids but I do like to get all my GCSE students to use it to follow Corbettmaths. Their school probably uses Corbettmaths resources for teaching. They are about the best of the bunch of resources.

Best of all they publish daily questions to test students’ knowledge, and are a great way to revise in a way that doesn’t seem like revision. No, revision shouldn’t just happen at exam time. It should be continual, to keep on top of learning.

So go take a look at their 5-a-day offering @Corbettmaths

GCSE Results 2017

There’s no hiding from it. Thursday will soon be here. I know, it seemed so far away when you finished your last exam. But now is the time to get prepared and face the results, not with fear but with a feeling of positivity.

If you get the grades you want, fantastic. Even better if you get better than you hoped. But if you drop grades, don’t panic. Talk to your teachers and get a plan in place. Remember, you are young and have many years ahead of you. A small hiccup now will seem insignificant in the years to come. It is how we deal with setbacks that marks us out.

If you have done well, don’t get cocky and complacent. If you are going on to A Level, things are going to get much tougher.

So get ready for the next exciting phase of your life.

As always, The Student Room has some great advice. Go look.