I am sometimes asked by parents and students about tutors for other subjects. I often direct them to a couple of websites on which tutors advertise. But personal recommendation counts for a lot – it is how I get a lot of my students. So here are some online tutors that you should think of contacting. This is very much a developing page:


Matthew Barnes


Matthew has over 25 years’ experience tutoring biology, until fairly recently as Oxford’s premier biology tutor. He now tutors from glorious Devon.


Dr Atul Rana

Science, maths and engineering

Atul is based in London. He is a musician too, evidencing the idea that maths and music go together.


Michael Steele


Michael specialises in helping students taking STEP and MAT and is very experienced at helping students with these papers.


Nitisha Burwal Lalit

Mathematics and Accountancy

Nitisha provides the unusual specialisation of helping A Level and undergraduate accountancy students. She is a Chartered Accountant so comes at this from a very sound place of understanding.


Dr Christoph Boes


Christoph began tutoring as an undergraduate. He spent some years as a research biochemist before tutoring full time. He has enormous experience of tutoring for A Level and university students.