About online tutoring

Face to face tutoring, whilst popular and traditional, isn’t suitable for everyone.


   “I’ve tried to find a local tutor but there just isn’t anyone.”

   “I can’t find a tutor willing to come to my home.”

   “All the best tutors are booked up around where I live”

   “I use video conferencing at work and think it would work well for my child”


Whilst I have tutored maths face to face for some 8 years now, and continue to do so for a few students, this tends to be during after-school hours. By around Christmas each year I am just about fully booked and have to turn away many enquiries. At the same time this left large parts of the day free for me so I now give this time over to students, anywhere in the UK or indeed the world, able to link up to me online. The advantages of online tutoring are plentiful; here are the main ones:


Students are used to on-screen learning already; it is commonplace at school and university,

No travel time or cost,

Students can access the best tutor, not just what is available locally,


Perceived disadvantages are that online tutoring is impersonal and the student won’t be as engaged. Or that it prone to the problems that plague all computer use – internet down-time, software crashes etc. The fact is that the technology is far more reliable now and also I use a fairly simple set of tools that consumes minimal computing resources – a whiteboard that the student does not need to download (they just follow an emailed link) and Zoom for voice and video. You just need a microphone, webcam and headset or speakers and a willingness to learn. If you have a digital pad (like the excellent Wacom products) that’s great, and very useful, but not necessary. As for it being impersonal or lacking engagement, that is not my experience; I find students to be very focused on what they are seeing on screen or listening to. And I have used online tutoring myself and know how useful and effective it is.


Who is online tutoring suitable for?


The broad answer is – anyone! But I specifically only offer this service to students in UK Year 10 and above (studying UK GCSE and above) or their equivalent overseas. It will particularly suit UK A Level students who have free time in school hours when they are not required to be in school/college.

I cover all Maths GCSE specifications and A Level Maths. I also tutor undergraduates and postgraduates taking maths-dependent modules – commonly within economics, finance, business, management and engineering.