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Welcome to my website.

You will find out all about how I tutor maths online. If you want to find out about tutoring face to face if you live in Buckingham or Brackley, please click here and you will be taken to my other website.

I love face to face tutoring – it’s how I have taught students for over 30 years, but I don’t want to drive more than about half an hour to see a student. So that gave me a problem with who I could reach out to – before I started tutoring online I only saw students who lived within about 18 miles of my home. I quickly filled my available tutoring slots each year and had to decline many requests from students outside my area. By February I am having to turn away students even within my area. Hence the change I have made in 2016.

Please take your time and explore here to find out how I can help you – wherever in the world you live.